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BBC Radio London: Live Session

Tuesday July 24, 2007
BBC Radio London

I had such a fun time on BBC Radio London’s “The Late Show” last night. I got in there at midnight, tuned up quickly and before I knew it I was playing a few tunes and having a good old chat with host Tessa Dunlop. The interview was a bit weird – I don’t think I was awake enough to make sense of it all. Good times though and I especially enjoyed the chaffeur ride home. That was awesome.


You can download it here.


Little Light Review: Get Ready to Rock

“…the vocal performance is spot on, as are the songs and general ‘feel’. The closest touchstone is Ray La Montagne and Little Light is well worth a listen if you’re into that pared back singer/songwriter angst genre.”

Pete Whalley
Get Ready to Rock

Kristen Lee Morris