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The best gig in the universe? Yes it is.

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Mountain Jams





Loved hanging out with friends at the Harry Hookey + Ashleigh Dallas gig at The Great Northern Trading Post in Laguna. Such a great friendly vibe. Also got to sit in for a few tunes which was great fun. 

Both Harry and Ashleigh have new records coming out so keep your ears peeled. Honestly, these guys are two of the best writers and performers you’re gonna see anywhere. There is hope my friends.

Pictures used with permission of Rob Cooney from Murray’s Run.

Howling at the Moon

Sometimes you just gotta hang out with your tin guitar in a dimly lit part of town and hope you get your BIG BREAK. And hopefully the BIG BREAK does not happen via the unfortunate event of BEING MURDERED. Rather, you might hope that it happens via a talented singer walking upon your person and instigating the playing of their HITS.

Henceforth, I couldn’t believe my eyes when the amazin’ Sarah Humphreys passed by me on her way to do her Thursday night grocery shopping at the Bay Village. She also happened to have in her possession her guitar and a new song. After she decided we would JAM THE SONG she barked the key at me and we got all crazy and musical like wolves howling under a full moon. Shit got real.

Luckily the very talented Paul Melnyk was there with some expensive production equipment to capture the moment. The stars were truly aligned. And the moon was large. And the song is a corker. Enjoy.

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Quattro Nights


As promised in my last post the Bill Chambers songwriter gig at Quattro has become my regular fortnightly hang to play some songs and have some laughs with some of the finest players and people you could ever meet. Above is a little clip of us jamming Little Light. All star band includes Michael Muchow, Trent Crawford, Ben Conicella and Kasey Chambers. These nights are magic.


Working hard on songs and sounds at the moment. Loving this guitar!

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