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The best gig in the universe? Yes it is.

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Mountain Jams





Loved hanging out with friends at the Harry Hookey + Ashleigh Dallas gig at The Great Northern Trading Post in Laguna. Such a great friendly vibe. Also got to sit in for a few tunes which was great fun. 

Both Harry and Ashleigh have new records coming out so keep your ears peeled. Honestly, these guys are two of the best writers and performers you’re gonna see anywhere. There is hope my friends.

Pictures used with permission of Rob Cooney from Murray’s Run.

Quattro Nights


As promised in my last post the Bill Chambers songwriter gig at Quattro has become my regular fortnightly hang to play some songs and have some laughs with some of the finest players and people you could ever meet. Above is a little clip of us jamming Little Light. All star band includes Michael Muchow, Trent Crawford, Ben Conicella and Kasey Chambers. These nights are magic.

Gigs, Writing and New Stuff

How are you? Its starting to feel a bit chilly here with Autumn finally finding its feet here in Australia. Its a great time of year with the sun cutting through the crispness in the air. Most days we wander down to the seaside and feel lucky to be where we are. Come up to Terrigal sometime and say hi!

Since last time I dropped an email I’ve done the mini tour and some small shows with Mike McCarthy. Mike’s songs are amazing and I love just playing guitar and going along for the ride. I’ve probably said this a few times already but if you need some great music go and get The Lion’s Share. You will love it.

I’ve also done some writing with Cam Mackellar including a track we co-wrote which will be on his impending album. I’ve been listening to mixes of the album and it is incredible. I will also be playing some guitar with Cam on some shows so keep an eye out for those. If you are on the Central Coast put July 7 in your diary for the Lizottes show supporting Mark Moldre.

In regards to my own stuff I have been writing a lot of new stuff and will be releasing some new stuff this year. Last night I went to the legendary Bill Chambers’ songwriter’s night and did some tunes and it was an amazing time. A great bunch of music lovers appreciating some great songwriters and players. If you are local you must come along. Its on every second Thursday at Quattro Cafe and offers a free night of music by some of the best writers and musicians in this country. I’m going to make it my regular spot to go and trial out new songs so come along and check it out. I will buy you a beer if you buy me one.

That’s about it for now. If you want to get in touch or see what’s happening with gigs and stuff pop me a message on my Facebook page. I’d love to hear from you.

The Lion’s Share Tour and Life Lessons For All

It was super fun playing with Mike on the launch tour of “The Lion’s Share” in October. Flying to Melbourne, playing some shows, seeing Bells Beach (Yew!), a lovely homecoming gig at Avoca Picture Theatre, and a week later an absolute belter of a gig at The Vanguard in Newtown. Fun Times! I even learnt some things:

– I absolutely love playing guitar (I already knew that but anyways).
– I absolutely love playing music with good peeps.
– Mike has written a stonker of an album.
– Melbourne is ok. Avoca is better. Newtown is the best.
– I love my James Trussart Deluxe Steelcaster more than anything (other than my family and close friends).
– I’m not 21 anymore. I find myself saying things like “I’ll just have one beer so I’m in good shape tomorrow.”
– Loading gear into a car is nearly always best done by the bassplayer (unless he is drunk).

Life lessons for all there. Next we head south soon for a show near Nowra. I’m also writing now for a new release of some description in the new year. In the meantime have a look through some of the bits from the album and tour and stuff below.

Photos by the inimitable Daniel Ferris.

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