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“Old Shirt” Live in London

Live and sweaty at The Halfmoon Putney, London on 2/08/2009.

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Photos from July/Aug ’09 UK Trip

UK Trip - August 2009

Check out a few pics from my recent little trip to the UK. Photos by Dan Weeks.

By means of an update the trip contained:
– Catching up with great friends.
– A few gigs with the greatest band a man could dream for. Great players even better people. Big love to Dan, Matt, Willie, Nicki and Ed.
– Hanging at my old local, Cafe Fredo.
– Swine flu taking down the drummer/manager/force of nature and his family. So nasty.
– Working on my whiskey appreciation.
– Telling the crowd at New Wine B that it would be a shame if some of them would drown in their tents.
– Regretting that last comment a little. Only a little though.
– Some new work done by Valerie Vargas.
– Playing more electric guitar on the gigs. Strat into a Blues Junior turned up very loud. Simple joys.
– Plenty of time and space to think and get some clarity on life and the universe and all that.
– Average flights with Thai Airways.
– Visiting Denmark Street but not buying anything. Good effort.
– Great late night chats with Mr Weeks. Although he called me a lightweight when I went to bed before The Commitments finished.
– Meeting all the new Weeks babies, Mr Amos and Miss Della. So Beautiful.
– My old friend Ben coming to The Halfmoon Putney gig with his little lady and a great camera setup. We should have footage up here shortly.
– Getting home and being so thankful to be back with my girls.

It really was a great little trip. Had a blast. Maybe again next year?

New Wine Week A

Willy and I setting up for the show on the last night

26th July – 1st August
New Wine
Shepton Mallet

I had a great week handling the house act duties at the ‘Rendezvous’ cafe at New Wine again this year. I packed pretty light just taking myself, a tent, a sleeping bag, my old camp worthy guitar, a few hats, some books, one pair of jeans for the week and a few t-shirts. I packed just about right. I also packed my frisbee but its so hard to play frisbee by yourself. Man I felt like a loser. Read the rest of this entry »

St James Muswell Hill

May 30th, 2008
St James, Muswell Hill

This is a super late gig report but I feel obliged to come back and do a little write up – it was such a great night. Matt and I ventured up to North London – I was kind of responsible for directions but Matt soon took control of this as well. Directions are not my strong suit. We got to the venue in good time and were very happy to find a lovely venue (like amazing – check the photos!) and an even nicer bunch of folks. I totally loved the set by Neil Gilmartin who opened the night. He has a brilliantly unique and very English voice and weaves some lovely guitar lines underneath it all. Great heartfelt stuff with some little funny bits around the edges too. Absolutely loved his stuff. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bedford

May 7, 2008
The Bedford
Balham, London

Sorry for the delay on the gig report. Really enjoyed the gig at The Bedford a few weeks back – its a beautiful venue with super friendly staff. It was also great the room was pretty full of friendly punters. A really great vibe. The ‘Little Light’ mobile phone extravaganza was the best yet with phones being lifted all around the room, even up in the gallery. I nearly cried. Highlight of the night though was making a right spectacle of my clumsy self by swinging my arm like a clutz and smashing a glass – right at the most quiet moment. Respect to Jen H for her ninja like reflexes. Could never have forgiven myself if I would have injured one of my most committed supporters. Also thanks to Dan Weeks for the little videos. Sweet!

Dan and Mr Weeks also took some photo’s you can see at Flickr.

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