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Rush House Videos: Video Gallery

The full load of Rush House video clips with a couple of extras chucked in for added ha ha.

Listen to I Think We Both Know:

Rush House Videos: Recording “Oblivious”

Oblivious – Recording the Guide Track
Recording the guide track for Oblivious. Blues baby!

Oblivious – Listening and Electric Guitaring
You can see Willie here listening to me putting down some electric guitar licks (deluxe edition) from down in the electric guitar den of broken chops.

Listen to Oblivious:

Rush House Videos: “Other Side” Vocal

Some people do vocal warm ups. Some people drink warm honey drinks. Some people get singing lessons. Folks stop all of it. All you need is a white singlet and a can of Old Jamaica Fiery Ginger Beer. The white singlet makes you feel part superhero / part chilled out dad on the weekend. The ginger beer numbs your vocal chords so you can’t feel any of the permanent damage you’re doing to your throat as you sing yourself into the ground. This first lesson is free but please contact me if you’d like personal vocal coaching.

Back to the main point. This is me doing the vocal takes for Other Side. You get the picture for what we were doing – vocals late at night after everything else was recorded in the day. White singlet, ginger beer, headphones, soul . . .

Rush House Videos: Acoustic Guitar on “I Think We Both Know”

A quick snip of tracking the acoustic guitar for the track I Think We Both Know.

Listen to I Think We Both Know:

Rush House Videos: Recording “Its Ok”

Its Ok – Recording the Guide Track
Getting the rough guide track down for Its Ok. Each track was done like this – talk through the arrangement, put down a guide version with everyone playing, then get drums and bass down properly, then electric guitars, then smoky late night vocals.

Listen to Its Ok:

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