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“I Think We Both Know” Review: Maverick

Fantastic review going in July 2009 edition of UK roots bible Maverick. Hurrah!

A musical Wizard from Aus releases a stunning debut album

The current economic crisis that is blighting the music industry means that artists like Kris Morris and albums like I Think We Both Know are now pre-destined to relative failure. Without Kris getting the backing of a decent record label you will probably never get to hear this stunning album and that’s a damn shame.  I Think We Both Know opens with the sublime So Beautiful; a song that Radio 2 would have played to death 12 months ago and still should. Title song is a plaintive cry from one lover to another at the jagged edge of a doomed relationship. Kris Morris uses his edgy voice to great effect on this and It’s OK, with both songs crackling with suppressed anger and infatuation.

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