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“I Think We Both Know” Review: Maverick

Fantastic review going in July 2009 edition of UK roots bible Maverick. Hurrah!

A musical Wizard from Aus releases a stunning debut album

The current economic crisis that is blighting the music industry means that artists like Kris Morris and albums like I Think We Both Know are now pre-destined to relative failure. Without Kris getting the backing of a decent record label you will probably never get to hear this stunning album and that’s a damn shame.  I Think We Both Know opens with the sublime So Beautiful; a song that Radio 2 would have played to death 12 months ago and still should. Title song is a plaintive cry from one lover to another at the jagged edge of a doomed relationship. Kris Morris uses his edgy voice to great effect on this and It’s OK, with both songs crackling with suppressed anger and infatuation.

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“I Think We Both Know” Review: ReviewedOnline

Wow. More seriously kind words on the album. As I’m a year older this week I really appreciate the point about being mature beyond my years. Encouraging to know that someone thinks I’m young-ish : )

“It is hard to believe that Kris Morris, who hails from the same coastal part of Australia as Jack Johnson [kris: Gentle Jack is from Hawaii but yeah same kinda seaside vibe], is as young as he is. His anguished lyricism and musical competence are from another era, by a significantly older performer. Although he has been variously described as being influenced by the occasionally vapid Ray Lamontagne, the US folksy Ryan Adams and even fellow Antipodean Neil Finn, what emerges is the distinctive and comprehensive confidence of a guitar player and songwriter, whose vocal dexterity can more than stand-up on its own choral intensity.

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“I Think We Both Know” Review: The Rocker

“…the time and effort he has put into this craft shines through on this accomplished and mature singer / songwritery thing. People who know about such things have compared him to the likes of Ray Lamontagne and Ryan Adams, but being a fan of neither, I would say that’s damning him with faint praise, as I would much rather listen to this.”
The Rocker

Read the full hilarious version here. Mr Zeitgest you’re very kind!

“I Think We Both Know” Review: FATEA

“When we first heard Kris Morris’ ‘Little Light EP’ we thought we’d found an artist with potential. That was back in 2007 and whilst it’s taken a while for his debut album to follow, it has proved us right. The acoustic guitar can be raw and powerful, rock out and become intimate. “I Think We Both Know” is a phrase that often signals a new beginning. The time to reflect is over, the time to act is now. Morris’ writing captures that sense of uncertainty and turns it into music. Consequently the album is edgy and blue, cathartic and positive, tough love and kindness. It lives on the nerve and jangles.”


On the wireless

Thanks to Frank Hennesy for being first in to play some tracks from I Think We Both Know on his BBC Radio Wales program, Celtic Heartbeats. He played the tracks The Sun and the new improved album version of Otherside – sandwiched between all sorts of lilting Celtic type stuff. You can have a listen and check the playlist here.

Frank was the first to get behind Little Light and Someone Sometimes,  and BBC Radio Wales were the first too to have me in for a live radio session after the release of Little Light. God bless Wales!

“He’s got a style all of his own”
Frank Hennesy
BBC Radio Wales

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