The Little Light EP is now available!!!

You can listen to it on the player over there to the right and if you like it you can go a little bit crazy and buy the CD via PayPal or the download version from iTunes.


1 thought on “Little Light EP Available Now

  1. Dear Kristen, i m from Germany, for a few Months i brougjt via Paypal The ep ” Little Lights” from You, its sad The CD is Never arrived At The Adress from my Australian girlfiriiend, i Don’ t know what was wrong! I m A Big Fan of your Music! ( also from The Wolf Stuff!) ok, do You Know-how where i Can get or Order a now Exemplare? I m happy to hear from you! By The way Germany (Europe!) is fo far for an Tour, or? Cheers and The new CD from is also a pleassure To hear! Ride on……


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