Thought it might be cool to shed some light on what went into making the Little Light EP. I had the songs I wanted to record which I’d written through the last half of 2006. The songs sum up a season of my life which in some ways I’d prefer to forget but in retrospect I know did me a lot of good. Its a pretty honest little EP but there are glimpses of sunshine in there – just a little light you might say.

Anyway the vital ingredients were:

– My awesome mate Mark Parrott who helped me sharpen up the songs, layed down some guitars and great bv’s and has been the biggest legend taking these songs out and about with me.
– Two awesomely talented music producers / musicians in the form of Dan and Matt Weeks. No doubt our coming together isn’t an accident. Thanks for helping the disc stay true to the simple, honest ideal I was after. Thanks for getting it and getting behind me.
– Just two days at the Week’s family mansion tracking our acoustic guitars and vox. We bammed it out and captured it the way we wanted. Gritty, real . . . like a few guys in a room . . . which it was.
– Coca Cola, Evian and these great little Tesco chocolate cake things with little coffee beans on top.
– Dan dropping the drums in after the fact . . . in mono . . . from Helsinki. Considering there was no click and the time is all over the shop he killed it.
– Matt putting down bv’s, wurlitzer, double bass, flugelhorn and tambourine in like some kind of miraculous one man musical extravaganza
– Kris telling Matt to calm down and pull some stuff out
– Kris winning an awesome dobro on eBay and letting his dobro infatuation leak onto the record
– Sending the mixes around to each other and giving each other virtual high fives on Skype
– Getting the artwork done
– The very helpful folks at Gillies Audio fixing my artwork mistakes, pressing the discs and sending them back in very good time
– Me getting a few boxes of CD’s that I’m really happy with

Nothing complicated huh! Really hope you like it.

Check the recording photos.

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