“There’s few people who have a strong enough voice to have unaccompanied parts on the first song of their first EP. Kris Morris is certainly one of them though. Broken is a song to warm the coldest of hearts.

This EP is one of the most sincere and heartfelt collection of songs I’ve heard in a while, and I’d challenge anyone not to get something from it. The simple melancholic strumming of the acoustic provides Kris will all the backing his voice needs.

Whilst its unfair to say there’s no honesty in music these days (The View’s declaration of their unwashed clothes, Maximo Park’s heart-on-sleeve relationship analysis) there’s only a few people who actually go a little deeper, particularly into the not so pleasant things, but Little Light articulates this perfectly.

Why this man had to release his own EP is an absolute mystery/travesty. Someone sign him. Now.”

Catriona Boyle
Tasty Fanzine
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