“Kris Morris grew up in a coastal town just north of Sydney as he grew older the bright lights and big smoke of London beckoned and he soon moved to merry old England.

Morris took a bold step on his debut EP ‘Little Light’, he sung unaccompanied on the opening track ‘Broken’. His powerful voice rings out the speakers, his lyrics seem heartfelt and sincere, it’s the sort of song that will make your mum cry. ‘Broken’ sets the pace for the rest of the EP. All the songs on ‘Little Light’ are incredibly sincere and honest, the sad strumming of his acoustic guitar provides the perfect backing to his melodic vocals. If any more instrumental work was added to this EP the full impact of Morris’s voice and lyrics would be lost.

‘Little Light’ is one of the most deepest and moving EPs I have heard in a while and with the likes of Scott Matthews becoming more and more popular it wont be long before Kris Morris is a household name with an instantly recognisable voice.”


Tara Couper
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