5-11 August 2007
New Wine Summer Conference
Royal Bath and West Showground,
Shepton Mallet,

Had an awesome time taking house act duties for the Rendezvous venue at New Wine Week B. Was a great week in the sun chilling out, hanging with cool people, punching the odd mouse in the head, letting the beard fuzz out etc etc Musical highlights for me during the week were Cathy Burton (for her general down to earthness, super cool vibes and great tunes) and Doug Walker (for being the most hyperactive, big hearted, uber talented pop songster I’ve had the pleasure of having breakfast with). Everyone should buy Doug’s new single ‘Mystery‘. Big wraps to my new best mate Charlie Groves too who joined me for a couple of nights. Was a pleasure to get to know Charlie a little more and his songs are just fantastic. Buy his CD ‘Searchlight‘. I just had such a blast playing – the hustle bustle of the cafe made things real lively and fun – loved it.

Also big wraps to the staff from Toybox who ran the cafe. They served their hearts out and made me feel so cosy and at home. Looking forward to working with you guys more. Check out their website to find out more about the awesome work they do with street kids in Latin America.

4 thoughts on “New Wine Week B, Shepton Mallet

  1. Nope – i think a lot of it was recorded though – will try and rustle some clips up. Great, great week . . .

  2. Hey Kris – I was at New Wine this year and came to Rendezvous most nights – thought you were ace! On the Monday night you threw your CD out into the audience – I ducked thinking it was going to have my head off but thanks to the Lord it landed by my feet! ACE! Thanks! :) Hope to see you there again next year..! :) x

  3. Thanks Catherine. Very glad you had fun and extra glad I didn’t behead you. That would have been messy and kind of tragic . . . especially so early in the week : )

    Hope you enjoy your little light!

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