Tuesday, 20th November 2007
Cobden Private Member’s Club

I have to be honest and say I’ve not always been that truthful in these gig reports. I generally say “was a great night blah blah blah” but I think from now on I’ll be straight up. I wasn’t in a great mood – I’d been having ear problems which really affects my confidence. Its hard to have a conversation with people and just feel with it and it obviously affects what what I can hear of myself. Its tough but thankfully all seems to be cool now. I also felt a bit over the whole caper of turning up to a venue and being ignored by the promoter. Its just so rude when you make the effort to bring some folks out and come out and play. So yeah, it makes me really think about choosing my gigs a bit more carefully.

In any case its a lovely venue – really beautiful space. I played ok, bought a few expensive drinks, hung out with my homies, and enjoyed some of the other acts. Special mention must go to Sundown from New York. These fellas were cooking. Beautiful songs and great harmonies. Brilliant.

To top it off I also caught the wrong train and ended up at Heathrow till after midnight. Happy days. Anyway you win some you lose some and life goes on. More songs to be sung and great gigs to be played.

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