3rd November, 2007
Going North Productions
St Georges, Leeds

Well a great time was had up in Leeds. The train trip up was very comfortable. I sat in the quiet carriage which was very . . . erm . . . quiet. I arrived in Leeds feeling like I’d been sitting on a mountain in Tibet meditating for four years or so – although a little bent out of shape from carrying my guitar and supplies around trying to find the venue. I got there in good time and it was nice to have a quiet little room to have a bit of a strum and warm up, chat to a few folks, catch up with some lovely old friends and settled in. Overall I have to say I really enjoyed (in no particular order):

– The musical connection with the homeless work
Neil McClarty. Great voice and lovely tunes. The Ryan Adams of the north?
– Me being a touch hyperactive but folks getting into the spirit of it.
– Andy taking her water provision responsibilities seriously. That was fun.
– I gave a couple of new songs a run ‘Someone Sometimes’ and ‘Old Shirt’ and got through them without hurting anybody.
– John’s possibly career defining advice. We are talking getting a handle on some Monkey’s covers and a genius idea for a musical collaboration. This thing could blow Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton out of the water.
– Sue’s amazing passion for music and chit chat and Alistair’s command of the kitchen. That pizza was tasty. Thanks so much for your hospitality.

Thanks to everyone who came out. Keep in touch and hope to see you all again sometime. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

2 thoughts on “Going North Productions, Leeds

  1. i realy enjoyed the gig, thanks for comming north.

    lent my cd, now its gone! i will buy another one, it’s worth it. i have rated it my best listen of the year so far, (and there is not time much left now), so thanks again.


  2. hey tim – i really had a blast up there. glad you had fun too!

    gee whiz, thats wonderfully kind of you to share the music and rate it so highly. have sent you a new little light today.

    all the best for christmas and a great 2008 – hope to see you up north again!

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