“You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Kris Morris, though you might be surprised when you see how far his music has reached. He’s just done a series of live sessions for BBC Radio Wales, Manchester and London, and has been working his way through UK venues, spreading his work. This EP is a very strong collection of songs which show good musicianship and songwriting. Being an EP it contains only five songs, but there’s enough here to make you look forward to the first full album. The title track is one of the most outstanding, with a very memorable melody and thought provoking lyrics such as, “In the darkest places, all you need is a little light.” “Other Side” is equally good, showing strong influence from Bob Dylan in its simple but catchy chorus. He begins the EP with a brave but confident unaccompanied vocal part, on “Broken”, though it works well. His voice is unusual, but if you’re prepared to give it a chance you should find it fits the music well. I’m genuinely looking forward to Kris’ first full album.”


Cross Rhythms

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