“What Kris Morris has that many of his contemporaries don’t have is a really distinctive voice that he uses extremely well; such that when you hear this guy you remember hearing him!! ‘Someone Sometimes’ is Kris Morris’ new single and it’s a real worker, a real gritty piece that’s just far enough removed from the ‘norm’ yet also sufficiently familiarly familiar.

What I like about Kris Morris is the way he sets his decently gravely voice against bright instrumentation – sort of juxtaposed yet totally harmonious, if that makes sense!! I suppose the nearest comparable established artist, in terms of sound and style, to Kris Morris would have to be Ray Lamontagne – and hey that’s gotta be cool! Morris may even be a little more ‘tangible’ than Lamontagne, easier to get into. Certainly, the time may be just right for Kris Morris to make a justified assault on the popularity ‘charts’ – vocally he sounds ready to me and I definitely think he’s got the material that people are gonna like and identify with.

‘Someone Sometimes’ by Kris Morris is a crackin’ single and fully deserves to do well – Morris gives a great performance and the song is strong, earthy and just about on the acceptable side of grittily commercial. ‘Someone Sometimes’ builds beautifully and has enough hooks to make it happen – a really good and sufficiently cool work that might just sneak up enough people to cause a bit of a stir – I love it – hope you do too!!”

Peter J Brown

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