Someone Sometimes – Kris Morris shot by Download the high res single on May 5th – as well as an additional bonus mix. And whatever else we can find around the house.

12 thoughts on “Video: Someone Sometimes

  1. I predict a hit. I love it. What a beautiful, haunting, heartfelt and emotive song. Great vocal, superb playing, sensitive production, and the best yet from Mr Morris. Best wishes with the album, and I look forward to hearing the latest songs.

  2. cool clip. can’t wait to see/hear the remixes.
    can I request some treasure from Ruby’s castle as my gift???

  3. Kris ,

    I love the video and the song. The lyrics are very touching!

    Well done!I Must get the album! parently it will be possible soon ( my source tells me)

    Have a great weekend lots of love to the family !


  4. thanks folks!!!!

    hey fri.up.louva. you sound very mysterious. you must have inside information as we’ve just confirmed that the album will be recorded at the end of june. you heard it here first.

  5. That’s the Kris Morris we’ve come to know and love – orginal and meaningful. This lad was born to communicate a message!

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