May 30th, 2008
St James, Muswell Hill

This is a super late gig report but I feel obliged to come back and do a little write up – it was such a great night. Matt and I ventured up to North London – I was kind of responsible for directions but Matt soon took control of this as well. Directions are not my strong suit. We got to the venue in good time and were very happy to find a lovely venue (like amazing – check the photos!) and an even nicer bunch of folks. I totally loved the set by Neil Gilmartin who opened the night. He has a brilliantly unique and very English voice and weaves some lovely guitar lines underneath it all. Great heartfelt stuff with some little funny bits around the edges too. Absolutely loved his stuff.

During my set I think I was got a bit carried away with the feelings of warm fuzzies coming from the crowd and stepped into severe ADHD territory. I talked an awful lot, sang a bit and even gave a quick lesson on line dancing. I also gave Matt a bit of a hard time which was a bit rough considering the great job he did getting us there and he’s rather lovely work on the Wurlitzer. It was great having him there. The biggest mention though must go again to the Little Light Mini Wembley experience. The place was lit up so bright from all the waving mobile phones that I thought I was on the road to Damascus or something. It was crazy and beautiful. I still feel quite emotional about it all.

Big love to all at St James. Thanks for having us.

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