Hi folks. I’ve been a little too quiet on here. We recorded the album back in June and after that life took over and its just taken a bit longer than we expected. Getting the album done too was kinda cathartic in the sense that I felt a real sense of completion and just kinda relaxed in the fact that we’ve achieved something pretty special. No need to stress or strain – just let it happen. The timing feels all good anyways.

The whole story of the recording is amazing and humbling. We recorded it in a special place, a special old Victorian hunting lodge in Northamptonshire, and lots of ridiculously talented folks have contributed to it. Along every step people have been so generous in supporting this project and I’ll let you know all about them in due time. I’ll be able to share a lot of the process with you too – we have lots of videos and pictures from throughout the whole thing. And of course I can’t wait to share the record with you. We’re just thinking through the release plan but it will be early 2009. Below is a shot of the master delivered to my house just yesterday. Yeehah!


In personal news I’m gearing up for a return home to Australia next week. I came to the UK seven years ago with a couple of guitars and not much else. I’m taking home a much nicer bunch of guitars, some great songs, lots of great memories, a handful of friends I’ll cherish forever, some hope and some heartache, a beautiful girl, a gorgeous wife that has cheered me on all the way, and a really special album (not in any order of course). There’s lots to be thankful for.

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