There’s been lots of movement since my last post. As most of you know we’d been in London for seven years and we were feeling the itch to get home. While we were at it we figured we’d hit the USA on the way – see the sights and delights and make a bit of an adventure of it all. The short version was that we had a crazy time. New York City was mind numbingly out of control and exhausting. We got our butts scammed on an apartment and had one hell of a stressful first night sorting things out but it all came good. After a few nights bunking down in a prison style YHA we ended up in a fantastic apartment right near Central Park. Highlights for me would have to be Dylan’s Candy Bar, Central Park, freezing our parts off, the whole Christmas vibe around the lighting of the tree at the Rockefeller, watching the girls skate (of course I couldn’t take part . . . I had to take photos. . . .). Crazy times. Kinda stressful. Kinda fun. What a place.

LA was much more down my alley. Super chilled and kind of freaky. We did Disneyland. Ate some good Mexican. Chilled in a cool pad in the Hollywood Hills. Stumbled upon an awesome market off Hollywood Blvd – that was knockout (we even spotted Dr Quinn Medicine Woman there). We walked everywhere but noticed no-one else walks anywhere. Its a weird place. So much crazy wealth right next to heart breaking poverty. Its kind of hard to take it all in but I loved the place. Would love to spend more time there.



After all that was great to get into Sydney Airport. After living in another country for so long it was super sweet to come back and have a great Christmas and New Years with our family and friends. There’s been lots of BBQ’s, Coopers Pale Ale, Chicos, Paddle Pops, Scotch Fillet Steaks, lots of swimming, hanging up in the mountains . . . you get the picture.


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