The Little Light EP, which we released to a warm fuzzy reception back in 2007, is now available as a free download from the store. Funnily enough quite a few copies got sold and lots of folks said very nice things about it. Little Light captured a season of my life that had been very difficult but there were some signs of life. I wrote Other Side just days before we recorded and I guess the sense of hope that started beaming through there helped set up the creative process for the writing that went into I Think We Both Know. Quite a journey. And I guess as much as I was encouraged by good reviews I was more excited by folks that got in touch to say that the songs had connected with them and helped in some way. I guess that’s what I always hoped though. Its not like my tunes will ever get anyone dancing : )

So if you don’t have Little Light check it out. If you do have it (and you like it) spread the word.

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