Lasse, how are you?
Great thanks, got off a gig late last night into early morning rehearsals, but I’m feeling great!

Where did you grow up?
In a small town called Kerava, about 30 km from the capital of Finland Helsinki. Nice neighbourhood to spend your childhood in. Everything is close and you can get around easily with a bike.

Where do you live now?
In Helsinki. Nice neighbourhood to be a musician. Everything is close and you can get around with a car.

What have you been up to musically?
I’ve been preparing music for my own instrumental album, and for my bands album. Also gigs around town live and and in studio.

You contributed some stunning lapsteel parts on Kris’s album. I understand you got involved at the last minute. How did you get involved with the project?
Dan called me up and asked to stop by at the studio. I heard the tracks that were done at the hunting lodge and I was very inspired.

What were your impressions of Kris’ music when you heard the songs for the first time?
Great singer, great lyrics, great vibe.

Can you tell us a little more about the lapsteel you used on the album?
It’s a Soundtrade lap steel, handmade by a luthier called Petri Kallio.  It has a one piece mahogany body and a solid tailpiece. It has a P-90 pickup in  the bridge.

What tuning do you use on the lapsteel? And did you use any effects?
I use several tunings, but on this record it was mostly B-D-E-G-B-D from bottom to top. I think I had a volume pedal and a boss digital delay into a vox ac-30.

Can you tell us a little more about your gear? What guitars, amps, effects help you make the sounds you need to create for all your projects?
I use several guitars – Teles, Strats, Les Pauls, Firebirds into different amps. Lately I’ve been recording a lot through a Mesa Boogie Roadster combo. I think the most important tools for a guitarist pedal wise are different overdrive  and fuzzboxes. I just found a nice Marshall Shredmaster which seems to work for a lot of stuff. A good pedal. Also you need different reverbs and delays.

What’s the dream guitar thats not yet in your collection?
I’d say that right now I´m looking for a 60´s semi-hollowbody Gretsch.

Who inspires you?
Anyone who makes great music or art in general. Guitar players that come to mind could be Daniel Lanois, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Metheny, Brent Mason, Randy Rhoads, Ali Farka Toure, Bob Marley and Bill Frisell.

Favourite album?
Miles: Kind of Blue, Lanois: Belladonna, Coltrane: Crescent, Ozzy: Tribute to Randy, Hendrix: Are you Experienced, Beck: Sea Changes, Dulce Ponte: O primeiro Canto and tons more.

Favourite movie?
The last Woody Allen movies Matchpoint and Cassandra’s dream. Still haven’t seen the Vicky etc

Your best party trick?
Good drinks to everyone.

What are your plans for the year? Where can we see you in action?
You’re welcome to see me in clubs around Helsinki or on some Jazz festivals in Europe with Oddarrang.

If someone doesn’t know your stuff where should they start?
You can start with some Myspace sites of my bands and go on with these links to Dailymotion and Youtube:

This is me playing some acoustic. You´ll know the song.

And this is me with my more art-like ensemble Oddarrang. Take a deep breath and have a look.

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