Hi Nicki, how are you?
I’m fine thanks!

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, until I was 13. I moved to
Northampton after that and stayed there until my 20’s.

Where do you live know?
In London. Brentford”¦apparently famous for Brentford Nylons? Tights? I don’t own any!

What have you been up to musically?
I have just started recording my third album! I’m working with two great producers in Glasgow. Hoping it will be ready early summer! Woo hoooo!

If someone doesn’t know your stuff where should they start?
er”¦you can get it on iTunes”¦Colour Scheme and Feeder Lane are the first two albums. You can hear my stuff on my website and myspace too!

Who inspires you?
Hmmm. Many people! A lady called Shawn Colvin is my inspiration musically. She’s amazing and when I met her I told her I loved her ‘in a psycho way!’ How embarrassing!

Favourite album?
A Few Small Repairs (Shawn Colvin)

Favourite movie?
The Goonies

Your best party trick?
Er”¦I usually wet myself when I laugh! Is that a party trick?

You contributed some stunning vocals on Kris’s album. How did you get involved with the project?
I met Kris at New Wine festival last year and really liked his music! And he’s a top bloke hey! [km: awww shucks] So when he asked if I’d do some singing for him I was really pleased. Also he was working with Matt Weeks so I new it was going to be a good thing!

What were your impressions when you got to the session and heard the songs for the first time?
I loved them! I was actually really surprised at the style of the songs and the production. I totally love that raw, earthy Damien Rice
thing that Kris’s stuff has got going on! Don’t know what I thought it would be like”¦but it was really my kind of stuff.

What are your plans for the year?
I’m concentrating on getting this album finished and out to folk! It’s been 5 years coming so is well over due. Then I’m planning lots of gigging over the summer, and have a massive tour with the wonderful J John in September and October. I’m so excited as we’ll be visiting venues all over the UK.  Can I also say that I want a dog this year, but don’t think I’ll get one”¦but if anyone has a dog that I can borrow I’d be grateful! Thanks!

You can hear Nicki’s fantastic voice on my album I Think We Both Know.

2 thoughts on “Meet Nicki Rogers: Music, Laughs & ‘I Think We Both Know’

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