UK Trip - August 2009

Check out a few pics from my recent little trip to the UK. Photos by Dan Weeks.

By means of an update the trip contained:
– Catching up with great friends.
– A few gigs with the greatest band a man could dream for. Great players even better people. Big love to Dan, Matt, Willie, Nicki and Ed.
– Hanging at my old local, Cafe Fredo.
– Swine flu taking down the drummer/manager/force of nature and his family. So nasty.
– Working on my whiskey appreciation.
– Telling the crowd at New Wine B that it would be a shame if some of them would drown in their tents.
– Regretting that last comment a little. Only a little though.
– Some new work done by Valerie Vargas.
– Playing more electric guitar on the gigs. Strat into a Blues Junior turned up very loud. Simple joys.
– Plenty of time and space to think and get some clarity on life and the universe and all that.
– Average flights with Thai Airways.
– Visiting Denmark Street but not buying anything. Good effort.
– Great late night chats with Mr Weeks. Although he called me a lightweight when I went to bed before The Commitments finished.
– Meeting all the new Weeks babies, Mr Amos and Miss Della. So Beautiful.
– My old friend Ben coming to The Halfmoon Putney gig with his little lady and a great camera setup. We should have footage up here shortly.
– Getting home and being so thankful to be back with my girls.

It really was a great little trip. Had a blast. Maybe again next year?

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