Hey peeps. Haven’t posted here for a long time. Thought I’d write a quick update in case anyone was mildly worried. Thanks so much to everyone that has gotten in touch and asked “What the hell are you doing next?” and “I was listening to your songs again this week and dangit I love that stuff”. That kinda stuff means an awful lot.

Has been a great season for me personally being back in Australia for this past year and half. The basic gist is that I’ve been living by the beach, getting settled into grown up life kinda, busy extremely being design guy for a European based web start up, being a late night hermit, catching up with a few old friends and making a few new ones, watching Ruby get to grips with the wildlife, setting up house and music space, curating a little guitar blog, drinking coffee, watching a red head become Prime Minister and then maybe not etc etc

Music wise I’ve got a few cool things on the go go. One of these projects is very nearly ready to unleash on an unsuspecting public. The band is called Evvy – and the sound is pretty much 70s rock inspired blues carnage. We’ll be recording some stuff soon. You can see some rough clips over here. The other thing I’m excited about is a new project I’m working with my boys back in London. Its shaping up to be a great collaborative effort. The tunes are incredible. The vibe is very different to anything I’ve done before. Hard to explain in words. So I won’t.

Yeah. That’s the update. Hope you are well. Anyone for coffee? Beer? Lipton Ice? Ginger Beer?

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  1. Haha – of course. Its magical stuff. Look forward to the day we get to share a few cans together Fern.

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