When I was in the UK I always enjoyed picking up folk / blues / roots magazine, Maverick. And of course I was chuffed when they reciprocated the appreciation in the form of a superb review for ITWBK. Anyways interesting to see they have gone fully digital. Bravo!

With the February issue 2011 Maverick took a brave step forward by becoming an online and PDF download publication only. Ceasing the printed magazine was a move that allowed savings, to the magazine and to their customers and current readership, who saw a monthly saving of £1.50 and a subscription saving of £15.00 a year. This and the massive cut in publishing costs for the small team at Maverick Towers has enabled them to focus on a very positive future.”

Maverick is currently offering a free sample copy of the new format. Email laurabethell@maverick-country.com for your free copy. Do it.

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