It was a great privilege to hang with my friend, Cam Mackellar, at the gear cavern which is Linear Recording on Saturday. Cam is working on the follow up to his fabulous Saudade EP. The plan for the day was mainly focussed on tracking drums for three songs but we also had fun putting some guitar bits down and also numerous group hand claps and stomps and stuff. Hands on. Feet too.

It was especially great to hear “Keep You Safe” “Don’t Fear the Fear” coming to life as its our first attempt at a co-write. The song is really Cam’s baby but he was generous enough to knock it back and forth with me to get it into shape. I’m not sure you should do that with a baby. Anyways.

You can also hear a quick grab of our patented TREAD ON ALL EFFECTS PEDALS INTO A CRANKED VINTAGE PRINCETON GUITAR TONE™ in the video below.

Control Room at Linear

Cam Jazzmaster


Cam and Josh

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