I have a friend called, Mike McCarthy, who I think you might like. He drives a Landrover, makes his own beer, stokes an exceptionally mean fire, usually smells of sea salt and lives in a rustic, little sandstone cottage with a billion dollar view of the ocean. He is what we call a TOP BLOKE.

As well as being a TOP BLOKE Mike writes great songs and plays guitar like nobodies business. Listen to him laying it down on his National guitar and it will get into you. Deeply. Is he one of the best blues guitar players in this country? Undoubtedly. One of our best songwriters? Hell yes.

If you haven’t already you must go and buy Mike’s last album “The Harrowing Account of John William Tate” right now. Don’t dilly dally. Get it here.

It’s my pleasure also to mention that I’ll be joining Mike and his band on guitar for the upcoming album launch tour dates in October. Check out the latest single “Sink Me Not” and the video competition below and if you are local come out to one of the gigs. I can’t wait. Yew!

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