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With equal measures of country heartbreak, down-home blues and rock’n’roll swagger Kris Morris throws down songs that cut deep; full of life and truth. He lights things up and makes them burn. It’s brokenness made beautiful. And, somehow, always with a wry smile.

In the last year Kris has become a fixture of country legend, Bill Chambers’, songwriting sessions. It’s where he’s re-found his creative spark amongst a community of kindred spirits totally committed to the craft. Bill says “we discovered this guy – one of the most talented people i’ve ever met – he’s the real deal.” Kris also found a cosy home in Kasey Chamber’s alt-country jam band “Mama’s Secret Garden.” Thursday nights took him to another universe.

With a bunch of new songs and a few prods from his new friends Kris found himself up at Nash Chambers’ Foggy Mountain Studios making a record with Kasey Chambers and Bill Chambers as producers and an all star rhythm section. Recorded totally live, the album is a spontaneous explosion of heart and soul. Dirty, loud, bleak and beautiful. The album titled “Ruins” will be released on November 21, 2014. The title track will be released as a single on October 10.

Kris previously found his way back home to Australia having gigged around the UK for seven years. His EP Little Light (2007) and debut album I Think We Both Know (2009) received strong reviews admiring the honesty and passion of the songs and performance and opened opportunities to play at BBC Radio stations around the country.

The new album “Ruins” goes deeper and harder again. It’s the sound of everything collapsing around you but somehow still having the strength to stand through it. A break up record for the ages.

Kris will be touring nationally to support the new record “Ruins.” Dates to be announced.

CONTACT: | 0410 492029

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