17th October, 2007
Glasswerk New Music Awards
AKA London

So I rolled up to this awards shindig with my good buddy Mark. We thoroughly enjoyed a fine meal from Ultimate Burger beforehand and were gastronomically satisfied. Good burgers indeed. Anyways on to the awards and they were all good. Was very nice indeed to meet some cool folks, have a few beers, see some great acoustic performances and do a few tunes myself. I missed out on the award for Best Folk Act but it did go to a good home. If there would have been an award for ‘Introspective Bearded Hipster With Severe Mood Swings’ I would have walked it in. Maybe next year. I also want to put a large shout out to Karim Fanous. This guy is some kind of force of nature. He just got up on the stage and rocked it. Awesome. I also really dug Stillman – lovely tunes and a great bloke. I hope we can do a gig or two together.

Big respect to everyone involved for supporting real music.


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