Today is finally the release date of my debut album I Think We Both Know. I spotted last week that the album found its way onto one of the torrent sites – I actually felt stoked someone liked it enough to want to share it. And subsequently I’ve had various emails from radio stations around the world that I wouldn’t have heard from otherwise. So I guess the point is that sharing is good. And so I’m super keen to share it with the world. I hope you appreciate the generosity and talent of everyone involved and that the album becomes more than just a bunch of digital files to skip through. Live with the songs and let them speak to you. For this week, to celebrate the launch, its FREE! Simply go to to have a listen to all the tracks and download the album.

“How can I help?” I hear you ask? Tweet and ask people to retweet. Facebook your fingers off. Casually tell people how your life has been changed by the album while you’re waiting for the bus. Let people know that its free right now and they’d be dang stupid if they don’t get their greasy mitts on it. If you really feel like it you could  donate what you would usually spend on an album. Write comments here on my site letting the world know what you think about it. Go to the digital music store sites, find the album and be the first to write a review on the album. If you love it please share it.

* Your email address is safe with me. You’ll only hear from me with spectacular earth shattering news and I’ll never share your information with anyone. My Data Protection Officer, Billy the Cat, is a tyrant when it comes to this stuff.

3 thoughts on ““I Think We Both Know” Now Available – Free!

  1. Album here at last! Fantastic. And good move on the free download offer. Hope it does well for you. Still listening for first time, but loving what I’m hearing so far.

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