When I buy a CD I have this bad habit of whacking the thing in the CD player and skipping through each track to find the ones I like. Attention Deficit Syndrome is a curse. Now that I have a little disc of my own though I really hope that whoever gets it gives it the little bit of attention it needs to be enjoyed. Here’s my twenty five minute routine to get the most out of Little Light.

Make your favourite brew

And get a tasty little snack

Get the CD, admire the lovely cover and pull the disc out ready for action

Headphones are good as they block out the outside world

Optional: A dark room with a candle would be ideal. Just chill.

Find a comfy chair and get a load off. Just sit and listen. The world can wait for twenty minutes.

When you’ve taken twenty minutes to soak it up have a look at the back cover where you’ll find the details to get in touch and let me know your thoughts.

Ahhh. Its good to slow things down sometimes.

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